The focus of this committee is to implement outreach and awareness programs that will reduce drug abuse by providing important information on why drug abuse is bad, how to avoid drug abuse, how to help others to avoid drug abuse, how and where to obtain help, and how to obtain more information.

The current list of proposed activities of this committee include the following:

1. Recruit added membership for CPR

2. Promote (advertise) CPR to the community

a. Work with prevention committee in health fairs, county fair, Bob Evans Festival, etc.

b. Create and purchase T-shirts (with CPR logo) for coalition members to wear at service events

c. Create a CPR web site and use the web site for communications to the community and CPR members

3. Define communications actions to reduce the supply of drugs

a. Learn how other communities are reducing the availability of prescription drugs for non-prescription use

b. Determine how we can support law enforcement in reducing supply

c. Review area profile in GJM BADAMHS SPF project and add identified data elements. For example: # of overdose deaths in county, arrest & crimes related Drug issues, etc.

4. Define communications actions to reduce the demand for drugs

a. Publicize the # of overdose deaths in county, arrest & crimes related Drug issues

b. Publicize the serious impact of drug use on the health and welfare of Gallia County

c. Plan and promote community activities such as “Drug take back” and a list of speakers available for community events and groups

5. Identify employers in Gallia County that have drug prevention programs and determine how CPR can help the success of those programs and bring them together to multiply their positive impact

6. Create an easy to use source of information (web site and brochures) that can help people know what to do when they need help:

a. Who to call for help in a drug related crisis

b. List of drug rehabilitation and therapy service providers

c. List of family support services

d. List of addict support groups

e. List of helpful information sources

7. Learn about other drug abuse prevention communications programs in Ohio (such as “Don’t Get Me Started”) and determine how to use the methods and materials that are proving effective in other areas.

The members of the Community Outreach/Awareness Committee are:

Dennis Johnson

Mike Smith

Dick Grau

Bonnie Dingess

Ron Adkins

Lee Bauman - chair