The focus statement of the Prevention/Education Committee is:
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Educate yourself on the dangers of prescription and illegal drug abuse."

The Prevention/Education committee of CPR will define and implement actions to improve the availability of drug abuse prevention services in Gallia County and will develop and provide educational materials and events.

The educational materials will be published on this web side under the "Helpful Reading" tab above and will be distributed in many other ways.

The meetings of this committee are recorded under the "P/E Committee Meetings" tab above.

Meeting One:

Prevention/Education Sub-Group of CPR
March 9, 2012
Attendees: Michelle Miller, Amber Gillenwater and Denise L. Martin

Meeting Summary:

1. The revised op-ed (attached) will get published by Michelle and Amber before Tuesday’s meeting. I checked with our statewide coalition Director for the Ohio Center for Coalition Excellence about the CADCA Op-Ed. We do not need to cite or get permission to use CADCA’s templates. After our meeting conversation, I wanted to make sure and double-check.

2. Need personal stories to publish.

3. The pharmacy information (attached) on Medicine Disposal will get edited for Gallia County and will add CPR info.

4. Distributed a packet of information on Addiction, Rx Drugs and other topics to attendees (pamphlets, posters, etc.)

5. Discussed CPR’s new website

6. Discussed possible overlaps in Prevention/Education and Community Action projects – will discuss at March 13 meeting

7. Discussed ways to market coalition – posters, links to Michelle’s website, magnets with CPR info at local events like River Rec & ChiliFest, etc.

8. Michelle will contact Lori at the Chamber of Commerce and invite her to the next meeting.

9. The GJM Board of ADAMHS has a display board of Drug Identification Guide for use at meetings, etc.

10. Invited Gallipolis Neighborhood watch group representatives to Tuesday, March 13 meeting

11. Need to address Stigma with addictions and mental illnesses

12. Prevention assemblies and programs in schools need community people telling real personal stories about addiction and recovery.

Michelle and Amber – please add or edit as needed. Thanks.

Denise L. Martin
Community Educator
Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol,