About the Featured Speaker:

Dennis Lowe is a Senior Special Agent of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Special Agent Lowe is currently assigned to the Clandestine Laboratory / Cannabis Suppression Unit and has been a police officer since 1984. Dennis has over 24 years of experience in the field of narcotics, where he spent thirteen years working undercover. Agent Lowe was the clandestine lab coordinator for the Columbus District Office of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration for seven years. As a certified clandestine laboratory team member and Certified HAZMAT Technician since 2000, he has responded to hundreds of clandestine drug laboratories and has been certified as an expert witness in the field of clandestine drug labs. Special Agent Lowe has presented methamphetamine and clandestine laboratory training to public safety personnel and citizens throughout the United States. A certified law enforcement trainer since 1993, Agent Lowe has developed numerous methamphetamine and clandestine laboratory training courses as well as a narcotics specific field training program. Agent Lowe is also the President of the Ohio Narcotics Officer Association.